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We aim to keep our pricing as simple as possible. Therefore you only pay for your computational power. Your up- and download bandwidth is already included as well as the storage of your files for 60 days.

Core hour


A core hour is one virtual CPU with 4 GB Memory running for one hour.

  • Always running on the newest & fastest hardware
  • Upload and download volume included
  • Files stored for 60 days for free

Virtual vs pysical core example

Let's make a sample calculation

Let's take a SimpleFoam flow case with around 4 million cells and compare decomposing to virtual and physical cores. The case takes about 5000 iterations to converge. In one case we start a 8 vCPU machine and decompose it to all 8 virtual cores. In a second case we start a 16 vCPU machine and decompose our case to the 8 underlying physical cores.

This will result in the following times and costs:

Physical core



Virtual core




USD costs


USD costs

Resource CPUh per h Time CPUh used Sum USD
8 vCPUs 8 3460 7.7 1.09
16 vCPUs 16 2440 10.8 1.51