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Cloud driven scientific and analytical simulations, software and processes is our passion and specialty. MSCC (massive simultaneous cloud computing) can bring many benefits in various areas even we can not yet fully grasp. You strive to leverage your software to the cloud to gain local-resource independency including fully customisable workflows? You have developed a piece of software you would like to market to your customers - cloud-based and featuring your own platform/GUI? No matter the complexity and nature of your challenges, we look forward to tackle it alongside and with you.

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KaleidoIntegrate includes, but is not limited to

Complete Management

Complete user Account, Case & Project Management.

Data Security

Leading edge data security and legal aspects covered.

24/7 Support

Round the clock and instant tech support.


Integration for cloud access directly from your software.


Product features tailored to your needs

Accounting system

Fully elaborated accounting system for usage.

Specific Adaptions

User specific adaption of GUI.


Online data storage and post processing.


Enables Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing.

Machine scalability

KaleidoIntegrate grants you access to a wide variety of powerful machines. Whether they need to be customised to your needs or you just need many machines at the same time. We can manage it for you.

All your product in one place

KaleidoIntegrate provides you with everything you need: Cloud-database, VM access, workflows and more. All in your own custom tailored platform having the look, feel and functionality you want.


Simultaneous workflows and calculations

With KaleidoIntegrate we are constantly pushing boundaries, for ourselves and cloud computing technology. One of the main things we discovered is that so much can be done in parallel using scalable cloud-technology. Not only computations, but other workflows as well.

Exemplary project overview

Custom tailored dashboards

See the performance of your cases

Why KaleidoIntegrate?

KaleidoIntegrate encompasses all around cloud-based solutions. This may be a simulation platform, a powerful KI engine, partial or full integration of workflows - you name it. Whatever your needs, you can cover them faster and better with the power of the KaleidoIntegrate - Cloud.

Selling more - easily

Streamline your current software and make it as available and accessible as you possibly can. Unshackle yourself from prior restrictions by offering your product via an individual cloud-based platform - on the highest technological level featuring custom, tailored and targeted GUI.


Cloud enable your software

There are many ways you can earn great benefits by enhancing your software and workflows with cloud capability - or even transfer it altogether. Building custom solutions to various and complex demands is our expertise.


Reduce hardware and maintenance costs

While clusters made sense back in the day, nowadays they're just very expensive, a pain to maintain and never up to date, hardware-wise. Clusters are often idle and usually not powerful enough when needed most. Let us discuss how we can free you of these constraints.


... for you and your customers

Your own KaleidoIntegrate platform grants you and potential customers easy and hassle-free access, from anywhere, anytime. We can help you to think out of the box, shine new light on your business potential and - above all - make it easy for your customers to access your product.


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