KaleidoSim OpenFoam® Our mission: Catapult your simulations into the cloud

What would happen, if you could tap into the power of massive simultaneous cloud computing and boost your funding for research?

KaleidoSim OpenFoam® in a nutshell

Cost empowerment

Imagine being able to eliminate the total cost of IT infrastructure ownership?

Pay less for more!

Simulation empowerment

Imagine running 100s of simulations at the same time.

KaleidoSim can accelerate your solutions for your customers.

Security empowerment

Imagine having more stringent data security than on the local clusters.

KaleidoSim has your data security prioritized.

Research empowerment

Imagine becoming a pioneer in the field of cloud simulations with KaleidoSim at your side.

KaleidoSim enables higher quality research!

Teaching empowerment

Imagine being able to teach 100s of students, without the pain and efforts of installing simulation software.

KaleidoSim offers remote accessibility and simplicity for all stakeholders

Funding empowerment

Imagine being able to access unlimited simulation resources, to increase publications without constraints.

Tap into new sources of funding with KaleidoSim!

Use KaleidoSim OpenFoam® today!

Registration is free and can be completed within 2 minutes!

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