About KaleidoSim

KaleidoSim is based on our vision of next generation numerical simulation technology.

Succeed with KaleidoSim

The application to solve your cases in the cloud

In the world of CFD, FE and multiphysics simulations, we found that most CAE approaches have three common deficiencies:

- They lack efficiency!
- They lack perspective!
- They are very costly!

It is our mission to change that by creating and offering the cloud-based KaleidoSim simulation platform.

No more queues

Scale your cases horizontally by running as many cases in parallel as you want!


Choose your virtual machines ranging up to 96 cores and up to 624 GB of RAM!

Anytime, anywhere

Run your cases from anywhere and any device connected to the internet without limited features!


You only pay for the resources you need. No monthly fees are applied!

Our Team

We are a Swiss startup based in the beautiful city of Zurich and can look back on over 15 years of computational fluid dynamics and computer aided engineering experience. We eventually came to the conclusion that most real-life CAE tasks cannot really be represented by just one single, nor by a handful of CAE simulations. Just like the world itself, technical systems are usually much more complex, more diverse and feature vast amounts of possible variations.

  • Research and devolopment

    Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years within reserch, development and science. We use our platform ourselves, every day - we built it because we understand many challenges and requirements. We do not fully solve your challenge yet? Please let us know!

  • Engineering

    The KaleidoSim development team is composed of Software Engineers, CFD-Engineers and Physicists. All of us have dealt and still deal with similar challenges as you probably do - KaleidoSim offers you a way to approach some of them most effectively.

  • Business

    Our founding team has long-standing experience in management and business. We first developed KaleidoSim to use it ourselves. Now we're opening it up, as it might help solve your challenges and meet your requirements too!
    And again: if you miss a feature that would make your day easier, drop us a line - we're striving for THE most powerfull OpenFoam® cloud-computing platform and every input is highly appreciated!


Our experience in numbers

Combined our team can look back on the following numbers of years of experience






Software Engineering