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At Kaleidosim, we specialise in scientific computing in the cloud. Whether you strive to bring scientific or analytical software to market, would like your own privately managed cloud with a fully customisable workflow or simply want to free your software from the constraints of limited local resources, we have a solution that fits your needs. Bring your workflow to the cloud with KaleidoSim and experience the power of MSCC (massive simultaneous cloud computing).

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Our passion & expertise

As a Swiss Zurich based startup we have initially endeavoured to revolutionize contemporary computing and simulation technology. We have over 47 years of combined experience in CFD (computational fluid dynamics), simulation-based engineering and software development. We developed KaleidoSim OpenFoam®, a cloud-based platform offering easy access to leverage OpenFoam® simulations to a whole different level, including the creation of MSCC (Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing). During that development we noticed that there is so much more we can do for you, with our team of experienced scientists, developers and engineers you can be sure that we rise up to tackle your challenges.

KaleidoSim OpenFoam®

This is where our journey started. Limited by local resources we had to come up with other solutions to get our necessary simulations done in time. Once we had this platform, we noticed our behaviour changed and simulate so much more now. With the combined experience of over 47 years within research, development and science we built the tools we were looking for ourselves – and we are still constantly improving them. If you use or want to use OpenFoam®, then you certainly want to check this out.

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KaleidoIntegrate - your platform

What we did with KaleidoSim OpenFoam® (and other simulation software), we can do for you too. Do you have your own piece of software you want to bring to the market? KaleidoIntegrate is our service to bring your scientific or analytical software into the cloud. With over 10 man years already invested into our software systems, and a whole team of scientists and software developers at your disposal, you are sure to save time and money. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

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KaleidoSim Consulting

Do you have a product under development and are struggling to get it done? Hire us! Our team of experienced simulation engineers can analyse your individual engineering or developmental problems and can support you accordingly. Our tenacious staff have a successful track record of working with clients across many vertical market sectors, so you can be sure we will rise to your specific challenge. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Why KaleidoSim?

KaleidoSim is dedicated to bring ANYTHING to the cloud. Relying on our long-term experience and competence you can be sure we go every extra-mile to get that job done.

How we boost your vision

KaleidoIntegrate takes your vision to the cloud. Our team of scientists, engineers and developers and 10 man years experience in cloud-specific software development will take care of your individual challenges and accompany you to make that endeavour happen.


Boost your OpenFoam® experience

Upload and run as many cases as you feel you need to understand the full complexity of the problem at hand - simultaneously. With KaleidoSim OpenFoam® we provide you with an incredibly powerful tool to do your simulations in the cloud.


KaleidoSim cares for the nextGen engineers

KaleidoSim developed from a university group, so we go to great lengths to support academia and especially it’s students. We strive to make our cloud-services easily accessible and get across cloud-supported simulations and technology early in their respective careers.


Tailor-Made Engineering

At KaleidoSim we have more than 47 years of combined experience in science, development and engineering. However complex your challenges, our team rises to the task and can support you with our consulting programs.


Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing

Frustrated with the restricted resource of your local computer or cluster? Tired of waiting in a queue? We were too, that’s why we developed MSCC – capabilities. KaleidoSim OpenFoam® is only one of various possible applications. MSCC enables you to run 1000’s of cases or processes simultaneously with record-breaking speed! No matter what software you are using, KaleidoSim will enable you to bring your workflow to the cloud and take advantage of massive simultaneous cloud computing.


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Let the cloud take care of your software, enhance your workflows and eliminate local restrictions whilst benefitting from the cloud's high computing power at scale with MSCC (Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing)

Streamline your workflows

Whether it’s simulation work or bringing your whole software to the cloud. We get it done with you. Save time & money and open unthought possibilities.


Access the platform and use it anywhere and anytime from any stationary or mobile device.

Eliminate hardware costs

No more high hardware and maintenance investments are required once you bring your workload to the cloud.

Multiparameter KaleidoSim OpenFoam® Coming soon...

Define your desired parameter ranges for your case directly on the platform, saving you even more time during case setup.

Postprocessing KaleidoSim OpenFoam® Coming soon...

KaleidoSim will postprocess your multiparameter cases so you know which ones are worth viewing.

KaleidoSim OpenFoam® and KaleidoIntegrate platforms are designed by CFD-Engineers for CFD-Engineers, so be sure to stay tuned for further feature releases and drop us a line to get started with your own cloud-based endeavour.

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